Angels at Bat


How you can help...

Hi, my name is Max Bobholz.  I have been collecting used and new baseball equipment for children in Africa since I was 12 in 2012.  Children on teams throughout Africa are forced play their games with homemade equipment or very few items shared by many.  After watching Uganda's team in the Little League World Series in 2012, I realized that we could provide these children with wonderful equipment by simply donating used equipment that sits, unused in our homes or garages.  

We ask of you to donate:  

  • Gloves
  • Batting Gloves
  • Bats
  • Balls
  • Bases
  • Hats/helmets
  • Uniforms
  • Baseball/Generic Trophies
  • Cleats
  • Training equipment
  • Baseball education books/videos
  • All other items necessary to play/enjoy the game of baseball...

In memory of our coach...

In January 2012, the baseball community of Green Bay lost a very special man who helped coach my teammates and me since we were young.  He tragically took his own life;his loss was sudden and we all miss him so much (PLEASE if you or someone you know of are in need of help do not hesitate to talk to a trusted aid source).  In honor of coach T. Williquette, all equipment donated to Africa will have his softball number -- 20 -- hand-written on each item so that each kid will play with the love for the game that Coach Williquette would seek for us to play with.  

How we get equipment... 

Angels at Bat is a non-profit charity that is able to succeed only through the generosity of people and communities. This generosity usually comes in the form of equipment or monetary donations. We have received donations from individuals, teams, leagues, and organizations.  Early in the charity's history, all donations came from the greater Green Bay, WI area.  However, as the charity continues to grow, we are continuing to develop branches of the charity and now are able to collect equipment throughout the United States.  We strive to organize ways for Angels at Bat to collect and gather equipment that communities have generously donated, even if this means traveling far distances in order to do so.  Additionally, with money graciously donated through our GoFundMe page, we are able to purchase any additional equipment needed to bring and send to the children of Africa. 

We collect baseball equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Angels at Bat is accepting equipment and looking for ways to expand and grow year round in order to continually fuel the fire that is the spread of baseball throughout the African continent. 

How we send equipment...

Initially, we would only bring equipment with us as we would perform service trips to teach baseball in Africa.  This included our first trip to Africa (specifically Kenya) as my mother and I brought 19 suitcases filled with baseball equipment as we taught baseball throughout Kenya.  However, as the charity grew and grew, we have made connections that allow us to send equipment more often and without someone picking up the suitcase on the other side.  We have been connected with the amazing group called -- American Friends of Kenya.  They send books and create libraries in Kenya and they generously told us we could fill some of their large shipping container with baseball equipment.  In order to get baseball equipment to other parts of East Africa, we have connected with a wonderful man/driver named Justus Mwaka.  He generously offered to drive the equipment delivered to other parts of East Africa.

Once again, Angels at Bat is always looking for ways to expand; as we grow to more and more countries in Africa, we are looking for new ways to send equipment to countries who are looking for and asking for equipment!

Where we are sending equipment...

As of now we are currently sending equipment to two countries (South Africa occurring only once so far)...

- Kenya

- Nigeria

- South Africa

We are also trying to find a way to get equipment to the following countries so if you or someone you know could be of any assistance in getting equipment to these places please let us know...

- Uganda

- Ghana

- South Africa (a more efficient way than our current technique)

Once again, we are always looking for ways to expand and if you or someone you know would want to receive equipment in Africa to be used there in order to teach/spread the game loved by so many in the US, contact us so we can try and work it out!


If you are interested in buying any Angels at Bat apparel, then go to the like below...  (Note: Angels at Bat does not gain any profit from the purchasing of apparel.  The store is simply used to spread the word of the charity)

To read the more in depth story of the charity's beginnings and where it has gone (as of 2016)

please go to link below:

Please consider donating to the charity, and best of all.... PLAY BALL ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!


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If you are considering donating or you would like to jump on board to help bring baseball to Africa, click the " Contact Us " link above to set a time for pick up or drop off.