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How you can help...

Hi, my name is Max Bobholz.  I am collecting used and new baseball equipment for children in Africa.  Children in remote villages often have to play their games with homemade equipment or very few items shared by many.  After watching Uganda's team in the Little League World Series in 2012, I realized that we could provide these children with wonderful equipment by simply donating used equipment that sits, unused in our homes or garages.  

We need:  

  • Gloves
  • Batting Gloves
  • Bats
  • Balls
  • Bases
  • Hats/helmets
  • Uniforms
  • Baseball/Generic Trophies
  • Cleats
  • Training equipment
  • etc.

We will also request assistance with the shipping and supplying teams with uniforms, and we would appreciate help financially! If you'd like to donate money for shipping, please make checks out to "American Friends of Kenya" because we are fortunate enough to be able to send equipment through American Friends of Kenya.  However this process is expensive so any amount of help is much appreciated.  In addition, we also help in designing/supplying teams with uniforms.  Because of this, we are almost always pending on a set of jerseys to be made.  If you'd like to help out with paying for uniforms, notify us via email or phone (see Contact Us above).   


In memory of our coach...

In January 2012, the community of Green Bay lost a very special man who helped coach my teammates and me since we were young.  His loss was sudden and we all miss him so much.  In honor of coach Todd Williquette, all equipment donated to Africa will have his softball, number 20, hand-written on each item so that each kid will play with the love for the game that Coach Williquette would seek for us to play with. 

Our connections inside/outside of Kenya...

We have been in contact with so many people that helped us get this idea started and going.

  1. David Yeghiaian, who works with a local Rotary Club in Green Bay, has helped this charity get going.  He has put us in contact with people, who have put us in contact with people, who have helped this charity tremendously.  He is one of the most important people to the charity, for he brought us with his group to Kenya in 2014.
  2. Nicholas Syano, the "patron" of the Maiuni Village, in Makueni county,  has lovingly welcomed us into his village.  He is working with us on starting a project involving a solar powered chicken coop.  This man went to UW- Stevens Point and has brought is agricultural knowledge back to his home, so he can help his family and village by improving their crops.  Nicholas has introduced baseball to the children in Maiuni Village by bringing us into the community and we are so very grateful for him doing so.
  3. Sister Mary is a sister who runs an organization in Kenya called Nyumbani.  Nyumbani helps orphaned children throughout the country.  She has generously let us play baseball with the children in her organization.   She also put us in contact with a soccer club from the "slums" of Kenya.  These kids walk for hours just to play soccer, yet these kids do not have the proper equipment.  Seeing the lack of soccer equipment that these children had inspired me to raise soccer equipment here to bring to them.
  4. Wayne Silver, from the American Friends of Kenya group, out of Connecticut, has given us the opportunity to send equipment to our connections in Kenya without personally taking the equipment there.  He and his group save us a section of their shipping crate to send baseball and soccer equipment.  We are continuing to send equipment with this group every Spring.  
  5. George Mahinda, the head of Kenya Little League, has helped us grow the name of the charity exponentially.  George has stated that Angels at Bat will become the primary source of equipment for Kenyan baseball and that we will bring baseball to the wonderful country of Kenya together.  He has introduced us to a countless number of people who are passionate about baseball including former Ambassador of Kenya- Francis Muthaura.
  6.  Paul Wagner, a former baseball coach of mine, has taught much of the Green Bay baseball comunity the fundamental skills of the game.  He has helped us get connected with Berken Baseball for collecting equipment at their camps.  He is a wonderful addition to the Angels at Bat team with his passion for the game and passion for helping people.
  7. Thomas Wagidhoso, a Ugandan baseball coach we met in 2017.  Thomas is our primary contact in Uganda, and he is collecting baseball equipment for schools in Uganda.  He reached out to us, and as a result, we will be supplying schools in Uganda with baseball equipment.  Angels at Bat spans multiple countries thanks to him.

There has been a countless number of people that have helped us grow the name, along with, donating equipment.  Thank you to all, and lets keep growing!!!

Amount of equipment...

We are always looking to send more equipment! As a result, we collect year round and with no limitations.  Thanks to our Angels at Bat family, we have sent over thousands of pieces of equipment to children in Kenya and Uganda.

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To read the entire story of the charity's beginnings and where it has gone, please go to link below:

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Please consider donating to the charity, and best of all.... PLAY BALL!!

Just a few pictures from our baseball experience in Kenya...(many more on our Facebook)

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If you are considering donating or you would like to jump on board to help bring baseball to Africa, click the " Contact Us " link above to set a time for pick up or drop off.